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Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeff Wade

Chairman & Founder

Cory Feco

Co-Chief Ecosystem Officer

Paul Dinkins

Co-Chief Ecosystem Officer

Dan Gysel

Chief Technical Officer

Gena Zenick

Chief Finacial Officer

Cory Siemon

Chief Real Estate Officer

Nguyen Violette

Chief Marketing Officer

Maria Castillo

Chief Legal Officer

Meet Our Advisors

Jim Eberlin

Serial SaaS Entrepreneur

Kevin Murcko

CEO of CoinMetro

Michael Carter

Crypto Mining Expert

Mishou Sanchez

Metaverse Architect

Eapan Thampy

Missouri State Lobbyist

Mike Saigh

Fractionalized Assets

Han Ko

International Investor

Jordan Stipes

Experiential Media Design

Deborah Barta

Blockchain Innovator

Bitcoin Ben

Crypto Influencer